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for the security environment in the asia pacific region owned assets including discussions but the russians did not indicate any change in the japanese that any nation to continue working for peace. he was a ninety second gm this release is visiting japan agreed to help deal with the pumpkin on a sacrificial and nineteen click on it. accompanied by tackling a kit car company presents no means to say he's taking equipment that including miles east to monitor the spread of underground contamination and comscore a movie made inactive or ten credits to the ocean. they put in the sand eel as an angel to honor such as a liking on technologies to contain contaminated quartet and they in mind be of help. the knees and he doesn't need to beef up technical cooperation in high heels most assumed identity. we have many old circles to overcome that she will die each day. such is the decommissioning and removal of use fuel rods we're encouraged to be able to work together to work with you peeps. there is still working on ways to identify example when adelaide and divorce case the team from one to keep track
, privacy concerns, and so you are necessarily dealing with an environment in which you are trying to, as someone who was dealing with cyber security gain access to protective data. we need to get this information to determine whether something's happening, but it is, in some ways, by the force of law made more complex. the complexity is then, something dan was talking about there for a moment, this information sharing cuts across different entities, so you have sharing that has to happen among private entities, by and large the constraints that people speak of in that area largely think with appty trust concerns; although, i have to say we have difficulty talking to in identifying exactly what antitrust concerns may be when they are actually sharing cyber threat information which is what we are really talking about. them, of course, you have sharing from the u.s. government to the private sector, and that's something that, you know, dan was speaking to, a lot of product is going out to the private sector in order to help them better protect their own network, and then there is the ef
to be in school. these are children who need to be in a protective environment. and if we don't take steps now to get them back into school, the 2 million children i mentioned that have dropped out inside syria, 500,000 outside syria, then they will not be in a position to help rebuild the country in the future. when they become the adults of the future, it's extremely important that we do everything possible today to focus not only on life-saving needs, which are critical, but also on education and protection so we don't have a lost generation. >> so the most urgent is this preparation for winter. and in the long run, it's worth -- we have to think about this chronic situation as a lost generation? >> that's correct. that's correct. we need to deal with some immediate needs related to winterization, related to immunization. and at the same time, we need to understand that we're facing a crisis that is in its third year that children who have dropped out of school need to get back into education, back into learning so that we can have them be able to contribute to the future of syria and the s
. he said it's necessary because the security environment in asia is getting more severe. lawmakers on a parliamentary committee are taking a closer look at the bill. the prime minister wants to build a body that's similar to the u.s. national security council. he would chair meetings and his foreign and defense ministers would take part, along with the chief cabinet secretary. the national security office would be created within the cabinet secretariat at the same time. the chief cabinet secretary spoke during the meeting. he urged lawmakers to get the bill enacted as soon as possible. >> translator: the security environment surrounding japan is increasingly unstable. regular forums involving the prime minister discussing the security issues are vital. this will allow the prime minister to take strong leadership in the field of national security. >> suga said the head of the national security office would be in charge of the administrative affairs. the national security council would advise the prime minister directly. he added, the posts could be filled by individuals from the pub
particularly challenging in the environment. in that case, it is very much an president. >> the pressure on you to succeed is huge. >> that pressure doesn't compare to when you're preparing to go into the chemical weapons environment, i assure you. >> mid-2014, the chemical arsenal stockpiled must be destroyed. what is your biggest worry about that? >> it is challenging. with the development of the goodwill the international community and all associated actors within this activity, we have demonstrated we can meet the deadlines that have been submitted. i believe this activity will progress and move forward and we will meet any devon required. >> opcw head of operations in syria. our foreign affairs correspondent explains how these chemical buttons are destroyed. opcw inspectors have been in syria since october 1, and their initial mission was to identify and oversee the destruction of equipment critical for mixing and using chemical weapons. one day before the deadline, they've announced a completion. the group has inspected 21 of 23 sites that were disclosed by the syr
an increasingly difficult security environment led japanese leaders to review their country's defenses. he said they're discussing whether their country's forces should be allowed to help an ally under attack. he highlighted some of japan's security challenges saying leaders are concerned about north korea's nuclear and missile development programs, and repeated chinese intrusions into japanese waters in the east china sea. >> translator: deepening the defense exchanges between japan and russia is important. not only for our countries, but also for the security environment in the asia-pacific region. >> he said security discussions with the russians do not indicate any change in the japanese determination to continue working for peace. >>> for more on the territorial issue, here's nhk world's reporter. >> reporter: ministers from japan and russia are doing something together they've never done before. the japanese held similar meetings with allies from the u.s. and australia, but they and the russians are still struggling with the legacy of world war ii. they've been locked in a territorial dis
environment that's going to be very supportive to the interest rate sector there. and i think it's interesting about your point about the capital structure. because i think as equity investors, when you look at the banks, you're going to have to start saying right now we know it's not debt. now we know it's a survival issue. can i get a return from this? can i make an investable return long-term as an equity shareholder when i'm buying bbva or i'm buying paribas? is it already in the price? what are my risks going forward? >>> rbs shares, can we get them all? they're now down the best part of 4%. nothing has changed, really, between today and yesterday apart from a little bit more money being put aside for misselling allocations. down beat numbers by and large, as well. but the point is, i'm quite pleased the market has been through that. it's the second worst performer on the ftse and the third worst on the stoxx 600. >> on another day, we must have been selling it. >> does this make a difference? >> the real worry was they were going to set it aside and the bondholders would have to take hug
of negotiations. and w.t.o. frame work, w.t.o. regulations is exactly what creates an environment that is understandable, known by all potential investors and trading morns importance in russia. more, we are rising the first gative benefits, the membership the first case. but it is normal. trading environment, trading disputes need to be resolved through a normal mechanism that are there and created by all of us to work in the economic field together. i would like to say that the arguments from russia are unknown in terms of economic environment. we are a normal country, we have a market economy. we have yet to further mature. it is something we are working on each and every day. token, we would like to see more from the russian government being represented here, and working in american government. some of them are here. some of them are more less successful, but not many russian markets. some of them, both russian side and american side, when you ask them why they are not russian in these huge markets, they say, i don't want to really see political rellses -- and there is a kind
of australia's more unusual schools. a couple of full learning environment with a lively classrooms of a lively classrooms of the sort and plenty of teachers. the tourists dropping in soon gather. there are no kids insight. 12-year-old cameron is in year six and lives almost 400 kilometers away on a cattle property across the south australian state border. he says there are plenty of upsides to logging on each day. when the founders of the school decided to take on australia's vast interior in 1951, they did so via radio. usedatellite internet is with an i.t. team to keep the system well oiled. teachers travel sometimes to kids that stay over while families make a long trip to town. >> the kids come in to school and they are very welcome to come in anytime they like. >> for the long periods in between, they step in to send materials back and forth. >> they do their work, they put it in here, and it goes back to the teacher. >> parents say the system works well. the computer technology -- next year head to boarding school but is not keen on the uniform. >> it is very red, isn't it. >> technical
. the security environment is changing. our military services which have spent much of the past decade relearning the lessons of counterinsurgency and expanding upon them are trying to figure out what they should be 5, 10, 20 years from now. the strategy side is just half of it. after a decade in which military funds were all but limitless, budgets are down again. there has been a buildup in which we did not recapitalize our arsenal. the u.s. has emerged from a decade of war with fewer aircraft, fewer ships, thousands of combat vehicles now abandoned in foreign lands. instead of getting larger, our military has become smaller, older and more expensive. no longer can the military do it all. advancing our national ambitions with our defense budget requires serious prioritization or perhaps innovation. do we sacrifice near-term capacity to build long-term capability? do we rely on allies and partners to a degree once thought unimaginable? during his last few months in office, robert gates who led the way in making the first round of cuts was known to say, tell me what we are not going to do anymore.
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with the environment ministry say residents on about 100 islands rely on diesel to feed energy to their homes and businesses. natural disasters could lead to blackouts. they want to use renewable energy sources to reduce dependence on diesel. they plan to install devices to store electricity to be used in case of disasters. they're testing floating wind turbines off you the goto islands. they plan to carry out similar experiences in other local places. they're seeking $80 million for the project in fiscal 2014 starting in april. >>> japan's financial regulators plan to inspect three major banking groups next week. they include mizuhol bank that loans to organized groups. the agencies have notified the three groups of the upcoming inspections. officials plan to start investigating these institutions beginning next tuesday. the inspections will focus on legal compliance systems of banks including measures to prevent transactions with criminals. officials will czech to see if mizohu is working to align principles submitted monday. >>> a major farmer's organization is throwing combined weight beh
the challenging environment they were working within, calling it unprecedented to work at this speed in the midst of the conflict. and don't forget many of these men and women spent time in laboratories and not in the field. but he was very confident. his wording was very careful. syriad, according to what has declared, we have verified that they have destroyed all of the chemical weapons equipment. but i said to them that what if they did not declare everything? process for that and it will be investigated. they wanted to be as thorough as possible. they have until 2014, the middle of, to destroy the arsenal. he is confident he will meet that deadline and the next one, too. why do you think president assad has agreed to go along even as far as he has gone along so far? don't think he had a choice. i talked to a lot of diplomats about this. , a former syrian official theor official, said it was threat of an existential threat of the united states that we all expected would happen against syria. tehran and moscow said, you have no choice, president assad. either you destroy this arsenal or you fac
] [tires screeching] toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at >>> naung very much. good morning, everybody. we'll start with live doppler 7118. you see a few clouds lurking off the coast. all of us are clear this morning. let's talk about what's going to happen this afternoon. our warmest day in the forecast. we look at how clean there air is. you can see nice reflection on the bay water. above average warmth everywhere. mid to upper 60s at the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay. and mid 70s. >>> developing news out of hayward. a woman
containing tritium can be released without harming the environment. as long as the substance is diluted. water treated by a.l.p.s. will still be stored in tanks for the time being. no one has come up with a permanent solution. radioactive substances removed by a.l.p.s. will also be stored on-site. managers have not decided where they will dispose of those substances either. once a.l.p.s. is in full operation, the next big challenge will be dealing width the tritium it cannot remove. and managers will need to choose the final disposal sites for the treated water. >>> people from japan, china, and south korea have seen some troubled times lately in relations among their countries. they've heard their leaders argue over territory and history. deputy foreign ministers from the three nations are trying to find some areas where they can work together. shinsuke sugiyama of japan, and lee kyung-soo of south korea are scheduled to meet on thursday in seoul. they're expected to discuss north korea's nuclear program. and they want to talk about rescheduling a summit. the leaders of the three count
in turkey. now we're very stable and secure environment for the tourists and the businessmen that will like to visit turkey and conduct economic relations with turkey. >>> chinese university graduates are learning another lesson after they leave school. they're discovering that finding employment may be more difficult than they thought. 7 million students graduated in july and many still don't have a job. more from nhk world. >> reporter: city authorities in shanghai held a job fair in june. it was targeted at university students who graduated this summer. they are trying to land jobs amid their worst hiring slump ever. evenn shanghai, china's economic center, more than one out of every ten students has not found a job before graduation. >> translator: there are so many students in china. it's tough to find a job. >> reporter: one reason, the number of university students. due to a government decision in the late 1990s, the number of university, as well as number of students, have been increasing. as a result, the amount of students rose more than eightfold. last year, 24 million chinese we
locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. sxwlmpblt our next guest says conservatives need to get a game plan together for the next big contest, and he says they have to go on offense. joining us former house majority leader tom delay. good to have you with us, tom. >> good evening, lou. >> i have to ask you, i talked to a number of folks here on this broadcast tonight, conservatives, republicans, and i get the feeling that there is not a sense that nay need to change the way they're doing business, do you find that surprising or do you concur? >> they beg who, lou? >> they being republicans, the leadership, from john boehner to every member of the supercommittee that was formed. i just don't hear people, they're saying the same things about the budget. they're saying much the same things about obama care that led to nothing. >> i'm not sure i understand what you're talking about and what ty need to do is change what they're doing because it ain't working, that's for sure. >> you understaood very well. >>
. >> the report suggests the security environment remains difficult and unprepredictable. how has the u.n. inspections team been able to cope with that problem? >> it is difficult and unpredictable, that's why they have not gotten to those two sites that you mentioned in the beginning. because those sites can't be secured. the yrnlings government is helping in providing that, the u.n. has got some security in there it's not over yet, and i don't know whether we'll actually get to those sites splongs the war continues. -- as long as the war continues. but that raises the other truly significant political question. i'm sure john knew and i'm sure other people reading reports in recent days have been just as report as i have been about the state of affairs at the consequence of the war, the emergence of polio and so on. what is desperately needed is to build on this weapons agreements, get that peace schedule underway and see if an end can be brought to the true sears seersyrian questions. >> we have talked to a journalist in syria who has been bringing us reports and pictures of the devas
in a different political environment someone is going to have to take the blame for this and the secretary would be the most likely person. the problem is, if the president replaced her in this environment, how difficult would it be to get anyone confirmed through the senate, vir cull certainty of republican filibuster, an opportunity to use this as kind of a way to lever annual more concessions from the administration. i think that is probably in the back of their mind. what you are seeing is understandably a lot of democrats nervous about the sign-up period, in particular, and whether it has to be extended. if people can't get through the website to boy the insurance, the idea of finding them, even though it's a fairly individual find for not having it becomes absurd. >> thanks, so much. all eyes will be on wednesday when the secretary does testify. that's for sure. let's go over to mikaela for all the stories making headlines right now. >> good morning to you at home, a somber day, massachusetts, a funeral mass will be held for colleen ritzer, the massachusetts teacher allegedly killed by a s
are in the national security environment here in the u.s., if you work at dod, at the cia, when you get up in the morning, the primary thing you're thinking about is whether or not there's going to be a terrorist attack and what you can do that day to prevent it. it is dominating aspect of our national security policy as well it should be. for all the challenges we have for trying to work the relationships with russia, with china, the asia pivot, latin america and elsewhere, the number one thing on our minds is protecting this country, and the number one threat to that is terrorists, al-qaeda and their various offshoots. so we have to fight that war. you know, and one of the best ways to fight that war is, basically, to get them before they get us. and that involves military action of one with kind or another. now, the second thing that we've been trying to accomplish both president bush and president obama have tried to figure out how to do this is to win the broader ideological struggle. basically, to stop people in the muslim world from wanting to join organizations like al-qaeda, to fi
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a wonderful job in a difficult environment so far and we salute the organizations and the inspectors of many different nationalities who have done that job. >> great, thank you. >> thank you all for being here. i'm sorry missed a portion of the hearing. i had another right around the corner. ambassador, i know you spent some time already talking about the infighting that is currently happening within the rebel group. we had a lot of conversation here about our reauthorization, about the influence of extremist groups within that coalition, some of which as it turns out had come from people that were partially on the payroll of some of those opposition groups. i know you have touched on this a bit, but having just come from a conference in africa in which we were seeing some pretty unbelievable numbers of foreign fighters coming in from europe and some pretty fierce competition amongst rebel groups to recruit those foreign fighters, even more dangerous and extreme then gelato mistrust than jabaat al misra itself, can you talk about the fighters being killed between these extremist forces. we
not exist in some sort of isolated environment. >> reporter: political analyst, larry gerston, says what's good for san jose has to be good for other cities. he says luring employees and managers from one city to another is nothing new. still, san jose shouldn't get upset when other cities are poaching its cops. >> as long as everyone is competing for these people, everyone has to be a big boy and girl about it and realize what goes one way can go the other. >> reporter: while san jose police would not talk about this policy on camera, they did say the intent was never to lure new recruits away from other cities. licardo thinks the police policy is a good one. >> we should continue to encourage our officers to be out there talking to other officers, who may be interested in a career here in san jose. we know that's happening in every city in the bay area. >> reporter: to which critics say don't get mad when other cities do it to you. we have reported that roughly 17 new recruits have graduated from the police academy last month in san jose. either have one foot out the door or have alrea
of working within potentially toxic environment. you add this into the environment we have here in syria with the ongoing conflict, and your adding an additional layer of activities that is required to ensure the safety of the team members. >> and your career as an inspector, had he ever had to do something on the scale and with this speed? >> absolutely. with the speed, that has been particularly challenging. with regard to scale, i have been involved in the closure of another country's chemical weapons program, but the distraction program for that took a number of years. this here is obviously, as you said
environment so we can be able to see them and learn about them. >> they're really big fish, usually kept in small quarters. doesn't seem right. >> it tells the story of a veteran seaworld trainer dragged into the water and drown by a killer whale she was working with in 2010. >> the whale lanchs onto her and took her under. >> now former trainers believe killer whales should be released back into the wild or retired to sea pens. why do you think they're still in captivity? >> well, there's dollars to be made. and you know, big draw for these facilities that have them. >> it's a business. >> it's a business. >> seaworld declined our request for an interview, but did provide a statement, saying in part, the film fails to mention seaworld's commitment to the safety of its team members and guests and to the care and welfare of its animals, as demonstrated by the company's continual refinement and improvement toiliti its killer facilities, equipment, and procedures. seaworld brings in about $1.5 billion a year. and supporters say millions of visitors are not just entertained but educated and
that the security environment remains difficult and unpredictable. it seems to me how has this - u.n. inspection teams been able to cope with that problem? >> well, it is difficult and that's what i have not gotten to the two sites that you rightly mentioned at the beginning. those two sites can't be secured. the syrian government has been helping in providing that security. the u.n. has got some security in there. it's not over yet. and, you know, i don't know whether we'll actually get to those sites as long as the war continues. but that raises the other truly significant question. i am sure you and other people reading reports in rooent days have been just as horrified as i have been about the state of affairs as a consequence of the war. the people who were starving, the ememory eps of polio amongst children and so on. what is desparately needed it to build on the agreement that was reached on chemical weapons, and get that peace conference underway that is scheduled for about three or four weeks from now, and see if an end can be brought to the truly serious syrian problem and that's the c
that they are given receipts. one shopkeepers to realize that in a fair business environment giving receipts is normal. whoever doesn't pay taxes jointly seriously jeopardizing the country's competitive capability. so by using an unfair advantage during the petition on federal if italy. evening in practice law. even during spot at a bar come with a receipt. and that's no bad thing because come the morning after the night before from all the complains that the drinking was nearly late to take part in the draw. do so ally in the period to stop this. that's how survivors describe the risque of thousands of danish during the second book will denmark was invaded by hitler's troops in nineteen fourteen and three is like a german diplomat its differentiated himself from the regime while the and denmark of that time typically seem to concentration camps. the fled to escape to sweeten with the help of the local population. reese robina dh has returned to custard powder on the outskirts of copenhagen. to mark the seventieth anniversary of his escape over the lesson straight. then thirteen year old who was born
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results. >>> next time you click your mouse on google or yahoo! you'll have a new reason to wonder if someone is watching you. "the washington post" says the national security agency, the nsa, has secretly tapped into those company's servers overseas. though the nsa denies the report, it's the latest reason for americans to question their privacy and the broad reach of our intelligence community. we'll get more from cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: explained in this simple hand sketched drawing, complete with a smiley face, maybe a newly disclosed way the nsa is monitoring the internet. "the washington post" citing documents stolen and released by edward snowden reports the intelligence agency has tapped into the communications link such as undersea cables connecting yahoo! and google data centers around
an environment that grows with extremism and hide a link groups are working to exploit the situation for their benefit. -- and al qaeda-linked groups are working to exploit the situation for their benefit. we need to weigh in on behalf of those who promote tolerance and freedom. i take it that you're saying that is by not empowering these folks, you are actually de facto empowering the people who do not promote freedom. here is my question. sooner?'t we do it in foreign policy, doing the right thing is not the only thing. you also have to do the right thing at the right time. why did it take so long to reach this conclusion? and now we find ourselves in a situation where fighting on behalf of those who promote freedom and liberty and tolerance is harder than ever and may be impossible. why did we do this, but sooner? -- why did we not do this, but sooner? >> the syrian opposition from the beginning was atomized. that is how it survived the regime's oppression. there was no national leadership. it is very hard to build up something that itself is still very incoherent. it took a long
polygraph test with two drugs in me, and you won't ever know it. we need to where we environment, lessen the number of people who need clearance, we do a better job of clearing, and we need to create the expectation you are going to be randomly check to see if you deserve that clearance. difficult. are it and holding contractors accountable does not seem to be happening. how do we solve this? are, butout where we how do we solve it? have all these areas, three pages of instruction, five pages of names, 17 pages of employment, 29 pages on relationship, to pages on , a pages on financial records, five pages on association, and re-signature pages. i know you are reforming, but the point is we want to go for the gold. not all of this is checked from a quality assurance check. number three would be can we create a process that gets to the gold and not rely on the form as much as the data that is already out there that the government already holds? 84% of thezed that arele in this country ?ulnerable to top-secret data that puts us at risk. whoever wants to answer my broad commentary or educate
the conflict in syria fostered an environment that fuels the growth of extremism and al qaeda-linked groups exploiting the situation for their benefit. we need to weigh in on behalf of those who promote freedom and tolerance. i take it you say that in the absence of doing that, by not empowering these folks, you are actually de facto empowering the people who do not promote freedom and tolerance. why didn't we do it sooner? in foreign policy, doing the right thing is not the only thing. you have to do the right thing at the right time. why did it take so long to reach this conclusion? now we find ourselves in a situation this thing you talk about doing, weighing in on behalf of those who promote freedom and liberty and tolerance may be impossible. >> senator, syrian opposition itself from the beginning was very atomized. that's how it survived. it didn't have clear leaders. it was a bunch of different neighborhoods. there was no national leadership. it's very hard to build up something that itself is still very incoherent. it took a long time for the opposition coalition to come together. y
's the point of his old saying. business is business. [laughter] workers have rights. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap we have an old saying in america. is this is business except when it isn't. [laughter] it was the best i could do. in -- much.ry much [applause] >> looking at our primetime schedules, starting at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span, another chance to see michigan senator carl levin discussing afghan policy after his recent trip to that country. on c-span two, more arguments from the d c circuit court of appeals on contraceptive coverage and religious coverage. and on c-span three, the mother of trayvon martin discusses on capitol hill about stand your ground laws. a tough time for an essay, when everyone says what are you doing or why are you doing it? this is what we do, when we get we actually say, it is much more important for this defend this we nation, and take the beatings, then it is to give up the program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today, telling
organization. we are working in a very highly political environment. now i will stop and be happy to converse with michael. thank you very much. >> it is an honor and privilege for me to be hosting mr. amano, one of the first people i interviewed when he was japan's ambassador just over a decade ago. we have remained friendly since then. he has stamped iaea with his own style, one of talking and calling it like it is. in that spirit, i hope we can have a good session with my questions and with the audience's. this meeting which you had with the iranian deputy foreign minister, and then there was a meeting of the two sides. the atmosphere of the talks, you said, was better. the question is, when will we see concrete progress, such as a visit to the site? >> we had that meeting with iran on the 28th and 29th of october. this is the second meeting between iran and iaea after mr. rouhani became president. the first one took place at the end of september. it was a get to know each other meeting. the last meeting was a very political meeting. it was productive, and there was some positive developme
. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business? >> we have an old saying, business is business, except with business. [laughter] [applause] >> next on c-span. president obama met with iraqi prime minister to talk about the partition between the u.s. and iraq. and later, secretary of state john kerry talks about free trade. on the next washington and nsanal, we will discuss surveillance programs for gathering information within the u.s. and abroad. our guest is author and strategy director michael alan. -- allen. then we will look at the fda's recommendation to tighten rules on painkillers. we are joined by very -- barry meier. washington journal. live on c-span. time for nsatough when everybody says what are you doing or why are you doing it. when we get together, -- will maybe a couple times we whine. but most of the time we say it is more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings that it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be in front of you today telling you wh
to wonder if we still have room for leaders like tom, the environment, the media, the way districts are drawn, the pressures that those of us in elected office are under somehow preclude the possibility of that brand of leadership. well, i believe we have to find our way back there. now, more than ever. america needs public servants who are willing to place from solving ahead of politics. as the letter that president clinton held up indicates, the history of the crime bill shows. we are sent here to do what is right. sometimes, doing what is right is hard. it is not free. and yet, that is the measure of leadership. it is important for us who feel that responsibility to fight for a cause to recognize our cause is not advanced if we cannot also try to achieve compromise. the same way our founders sought it. as a vital part of our democracy. the very thing that makes our system of self-government possible. that is what tom foley believed. that is what he embodied. that is the legacy that shines rightly today. on the last day he presided as speaker, he described what it should feel like
on the environment and people's lives. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories this sunday night. a critical part of the affordable care act went down tonight. unclear how long it will take to fix that problem. >>> the syrian government has met an ambitious deadline, coming three days early, a critical step to eventually destroy syria's arsenal. >>> rock leader lou reed passed away at the age of 71. his agent said his death was related to a recent liver transplant. >>> nsa's strained transatlantic ties. a german magazine claims that the u.s. was tapping angela merkel's cell phone for more than a decade. >> when president obama spoke at brandenburg gate this summer, the u.s. was already facing tough questions about its sphainsurveillance programs. >> our current programs are bound by the rule of law and they're focused on threats to our security not the communications of ordinary persons. >> but apparently, the u.s. had been focused on the communications of official persons. der spiegel said that the nsa used high tech antenna to spy on government officials. gebl
the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. >> reporter: and in sport find out if baseball beards bought the boston red sox to the end and we will have sports in about 35 minutes. ♪ and at the u.n. security council they will be talking about the situation in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo later today after a peace keeper was killed there and three days of fighting and the army says it has taken over a number of towns in the province from the march 23, the m 23 rebels including the stronghold and finding between government forces and m 23 began on friday less than a week after the peace talks between the two sides broke down and the government and rebels are now blaming each other for launching the first attacks. and m 23 rebel fighters join the congo army in 2009 and defected saying they have been treated poorly and the government did not live up to the deal. and the group took over territory in the province and briefly seized the provincial capitol. there are allegations and both nations deny and we are live from p
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the car wash hurts the environment. is that government regulation gone too far? of course it is. one of the cheerleaders here next. >>> a russian operative put up front to spy on the united states. was it really inside a goodie bag they handed out at the summit? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. medicare open enrollment. of year again. whole grains... time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare at any minute... could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores... ...and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't ta
say this about it. if i was sebelius, i would not have gone up there today in that kind of environment. you got these guys, these republican congressmen who ask all these horrible things. why go do it. but yesterday i said -- when i was i was for single payer, you said really? what about medicare, $200 billion in fraud -- >> your imitation of eric. >> sort of like that. blue cross blue shield association said in private insurance, there's $226 billion a year in waste, fraud and abuse. >> but they eat that. private companies eat the waste, fraud and abuse. >> really? >> in the government, we the taxpayer, eat that. >> fold that back up and use it for something else. >> it shows what the insurance companies are up to. >> her demeanor bothered a lot of people. >> okay, maybe i'm -- yes, i think there were some things to quibble about with her hearing, but i thought she did pretty well. i mean her tone in most of the things, especially initially, she was -- she took responsibility. she was gracious. she didn't have any moments where she completely erupted. that one part is embarrassing whe
, maintaining safe environments for women, but the actual consequence of these laws andhey are limiting access when it comes to the abortion living -- limiting access to a safe early form of abortion. a lot of conservatives really fight hard against later abortions and medications are one of the early sources of abortion you can get. id issue, theoter newspaper wrote an article on this. they'll are the medical hospital in texas. it says -- 2000ll the turmoil in the election that ultimately led to george w. bush becoming president instead of al gore. as a country we need to take vital steps to ensure the integrity of elections. the first step is to ensure that legally ableo are to vote vote. that is a student newspaper. writes "i'd say the war on women would include calling them to stupid to keep an id to vote." another comment "all that necessary application can be expensive." and "isn't there a federal law that trumps these voter id laws?" lauren williams? questions.any in that baylor editorial, i think the writer said -- meaning to reinforce or create more faith in the system, i think step o
september 27th. they say given the significant changes and pressure in a healthcare environment which i take to mean obama care that they are no longer going to provide coverage for medicare advantage patients, is that right? >> that's correct. >> how many people does that effect? >> well, the breakdown was 60 patients for the medicare advantage. 800 patients for ghi through emblem and 149 patients through hip. which is also with emblem if all those patients like their insurance and they get to keep the insurance that they like and if you have been their doctor for a number of years. what's the longest have you been doctoring one of these patients? >> i have been in practice 22 years and majority have been more than 10 years, i have seen three or four generations of families a lot of them have been there upwards of 30 years. >> that means that they can keep their health insurance but they can't keep their doctors because you are being thrown out of the network and not specifically not because of your medical care. apparently they like your medical care the insurance companies. it's for some
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